daksha about

DAKSH means Excellence

"Design is about attaining the perfect circle. Perfection takes time, it is something our ancestors taught us. It is the circle of life."


To have a vision of a circular and sustainable economy and enrich the quality of education, therefore, life will be the prime objective. Fundamentally each student will qualify to be a critical part of the industry they choose to be in by imparting through theory and practice. To expose the students to a cultural and social ethos, to utilize technology to give top class design education and to be able to bring each student on the platform of both a local and global challenge. To nurture the skill set of a student is the responsibility of any institution, to perfect that skill and to have in our midst a capable student fit for industry is our aim.

about philosophy


We at Daksh, aim to create a philosophy – ‘Design is for life’. In todays’ user centric world, design has begun to play a key role. It permeates into all spheres of life and creates a platform for better living and communication. Our philosophy is to impart design knowledge, with an emphasis on critical thinking, process and research. These are key words, which will propel the student to become a part of a vast social network and a global citizen of design. We will imbibe from experience, and this will become knowledge and thereafter practice. This is a means to attain perfection or excellence.