Advance Your Creativity:Product Design Course in India

Are you passionate about transforming ideas into innovative industrial products? Discover the gateway to your creative aspirations with our advanced product design course in India. Unleash your potential to shape the future of product design and manufacturing.

Do you dream of becoming a skilled product designer who can shape the world around us? Look no further than Daksh Design School your gateway to a dynamic and enriching journey in the realm of product design course in india.

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Why Choose Daksh Design School

At Daksh Design School, we understand the importance of bridging academia with industry. Benefit from our partnerships with leading companies and design studios, gaining exposure to real-world projects and internships that can jumpstart your career.

We at Daksh Design School recognize the value of connecting academia and industry. Gain access to real-world projects and internships through our collaborations with top businesses and design studios, which can help launch your career.

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At Daksh Design School, we believe in nurturing your creativity, honing your skills, and empowering you to become a trailblazer in the world of product design course in india. Join our vibrant community of learners and thinkers who are poised to shape the future. Your journey towards a fulfilling and impactful design career begins here.

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Module Description

Introduction to Industrial Design
  • IPD 101: Form Development
  • IPD 102: Perspective for Industrial Product Design
  • IPD 103: Design Problem Solving
  • IPD 104. Product Drawing
Digital Techniques in Product Design
  • IPD 201. Model Making and Prototyping
  • IPD 202 Product Design 1
  • IPD 203. Digital 3D Modelling
  • IPD 204. Furniture Design
From design to Manufacturing
  • IPD 301 Design Drawing
  • IPD 302. Materials and Processes
  • IPD 303. CAD modelling
  • IPD 304. Toy Design
  • PD 401. Industrial Design Graphics and Portfolio
  • IPD 402: Live Project
  • IPD 403: Design and Society

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Who is this program for ?


a passion for creativity, problem-solving, and innovation


conceptualizing new product ideas, sketching or prototyping designs, and understanding user needs and preferences


work in multidisciplinary teams, including engineers, marketers, and manufacturers and communicate your ideas clearly, and incorporate feedback into your designs.